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Our law firm was founded in 2000 and is located in Munich, Germany, the European centre of intellectual property protection. Munich is home not only to the German but also to the European Patent Office. It is in this environment that we consult and represent domestic and foreign companies in all aspects of intellectual property; and in practically all fields of technology. In addition to our domestic expertise, we have established a worldwide network of select foreign law firms, attorneys, and technical experts who are qualified in various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, electric engineering, mechanical engineering and pharmaceuticals. In addition, our patent law firm maintains an ongoing cooperation with the Munich-based general law firm Menges • Theil.

Our intellectual property full service portfolio spans the handling of technical and legal matters as well as coverage of all issues arising in an enterprise of development, protecting and enforcing intellectual property. For example, our firm provides strategic management and drafting and/or filing of patent, trademark, and design applications. We also provide portfolio management, product clearing, challenging the intellectual property rights of third parties, preparing expert opinions, licensing, and patent evaluation. Through our cooperation with Menges • Theil, we can also provide reliable support in all matters in which patent law firms and general law firms usually work together.
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